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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Trustwave Web Application Firewall

E-commerce sites are the number one targeted asset of hackers* because they're easy to access and deliver a valuable data payload for cybercriminals. Add to that the fact that 99 percent of the applications assessed by Trustwave SpiderLabs in 2014 included at least one serious vulnerability.

With our award-winning Web Application Firewall, you can continuously monitor your applications, instantly detect and prevent threats, mitigate the risk of data breaches, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS (section 6.6).

Integrated threat intelligence provided by Trustwave SpiderLabs sets Trustwave WAF apart. No other organization can compete with Trustwave SpiderLabs®’ breadth of data inputs or quality of human researchers investigating threats in the real world.
A unique combination of positive and negative security, dynamic virtual patching and a platform that’s easy to install and configure, Trustwave Web Application Firewall delivers advanced, continuous protection for all your Web applications.
Why do customers choose Trustwave Web Application Firewall to protect their mission-critical applications?

  • Quick deployment with just three pieces of information: domain name, IP address, and port 

  • More accurate alerts and blocking through bidirectional traffic inspection and correlation 

  • Customized protection for any application via integration with Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools such as Trustwave App Scanner and Virtual Patching 

  • Improves application performance by identifying broken links and abnormal terminations of the application 

  • Flexible deployment with full WAF functionality in both in-line and out-of-line mode 

  • Integration with multiple Trustwave application security solutions 

  • Available as a managed service 


Continuous Protection: With a unique combination of positive and negative security, perpetual tuning and dynamic virtual patching, the Trustwave Web Application Firewall delivers continuous protection against today's ever-changing threat landscape.

Real-Time Threat Detection: Bi-directional traffic analysis, automated behavioral profiling, and multiple collaborative detection engines help you and your team to quickly identify abnormal behavior, improve threat blocking and prevent outbound data leaks.
Threat Intelligence Inside: Tap into the knowledge gained from thousands of real-world engagements and leading application threat researchers. Trustwave Web Application Firewall is built on the foundation of our elite SpiderLabs team, delivering the industry's strongest protection against application vulnerabilities and emerging threats - including the OWASP Top 10.


Ease of Use: Trustwave Web Application Firewall delivers an intuitive user experience, centralized management dashboards and single pane of glass into your applications so you can prioritize your day and respond faster and more effectively to threats or performance issues.
On Demand Customization: With the Trustwave Web Application Firewall, you can pre-define rules and customize scenarios so your implementation is focused on the specific requirements of your applications and your business.
Built-In Compliance Reporting: Trustwave Web Application Firewall leverages our expertise in risk and compliance management, with pre-built best practice controls and reports for compliance mandates, including PCI DSS.


Greater Scalability: Trustwave Web Application Firewall is built to scale so you can reduce the complexity and cost of securing your growing application ecosystem. The technology can be deployed either in line or out of line, and it rapidly supports an expanding application environment, whether that means higher traffic volumes or IP addresses.
Improved Performance: Application Performance Management identifies problems and trends at the site, URL and session levels in the Web application environment - all with real-time views that provide performance metrics. It automatically profiles Web applications, so there is no need to define application structures or paths.
Optimized Resources: Need more application security expertise in your corner? The Trustwave Web Application Firewall can be delivered as a managed security services, for real-time management of threat status, alerts and performance, continuous monitoring and management of Web Application Firewall sensors, regular tuning and configuration support and full integration with SIEM for advanced threat correlation.

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